Friday, February 06, 2004

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate being sick?
Yup, still fighting it off and feeling pretty out-of-it.

On the upside, I had an amazing dinner last night.
During her way back from Lakewood, Genevieve stopped at this place called El Tango Taqueria. It's this little texmex joint on Madison. (14224 Madison Ave) , who have a tamale pie that I absoutely love. Well, yesterday, they had a chicken mole special and Genevieve ended up getting that for me instead. Lucky choice. The delicious mole spices and tender chicken just melted right through my muted-from-sick tastebuds. Complex and earthy as all get out, I'd *highly* high recommend it for you omnivores out there. It was served with a spiced vegetable mixture (excellent) and a salsa cole slaw (which was only o-kay).
For those who have not at all checked out this restaurant, I strongly recommend you do so. Their prices are reasonable (meals average from around 7.95 to 10.95 and portions are very hearty), service is good, and the food is just amazing (though pretty heavy, so I wouldn't exactly say you should eat there everyday or anything.) Women over 40 will probably also swoon oven the owner, who has that Robert Redford in the old West look.