Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I was going to devote this space to ranting about these self and peer evaluations we have to do at work. But, shoot, half of you who read this blog work at the same place I do, and I doubt you want to hear about it anymore ;)

So, how about disgusting food?
People love, myself included, talking about "gross food." Fried insects, pig's brains, eyeballs, etc. All you vegetarians have a get out free pass from this conversation. I mean, what's the worst you can eat? Durian? ;) - Though I have to admit, I find corn smut pretty vile looking - Being a meat eater, than opens up a whole slew of doors. People, if hungry enough, will eat just about everything. And it's only so long before desperate food dishes turns into "traditional dishes" and pretty soon, people who can afford better are frying up some creepy crawlies. Blood or Black Pudding, as it is sometimes called, is a good example of this. Most likely invented in some slaughterhouse where they wanted to let nothing go to waste, blood pudding is exactly what you might imagine it to be. It's pig's blood, flavored with a variety of spices. The one time I ate it, it looked kind of like sausage, which I guess makes sense. As Americans, we find this impossibly gross. But, in Ireland and especially England, you can still get it served up to you, though I have sincere doubts as to how much a part of the average diet it is in this day and age. So, the question is this: As I mentioned before, I was served blood pudding for breakfast once. Did I eat it? Yup. I've also eaten pig's brains and will, in the future, probably eat things equally, if not more, unappetizing. (Btw, no, I didn't like it. I ate the first patty, then almost spat out the second). Once I had a chance to try Durian, but did not, at the extreme urging of Genevieve. I don't know if the phrase "I will leave you here" was used, but I'm pretty sure it was thought. Here's my spin on the whole thing. There's millions of food dishes out there, and thousands of ingredients and, of course, not all of them are going to be appetizing. So, though you or I might not look at a pile of fried bugs and say "mmmm...snacks!", someone does. And, somewhere, *some*one thinks that stuff is damn good, otherwise it wouldn't be being served up, because no one would eat it and everyplace that served it would go out of business. Now, the question I get when I think about things like that is this: how do I know that person won't be me. Shoot, fried bugs might be manna from heaven for me. But I won't know till I try it. If I don't like it, no harm, no foul (unless it's duck, of course), but I would hate to think I passed up on some great dish because it offended my American palette. Or, as the phrase goes.."as long as it doesn't kill me..."

That said, no, I will not eat puppies.

So, what say you out there? What's the most disgusting thing you've eaten? (or not eaten)
Perverts need not comment ;)