Saturday, February 28, 2004

So, after all my worries, the Knife Skills class this Friday went amazingly well.

We learned the basic knife techniques as well as quite a deal about knives themselves. Probably the "worst" thing that came out of the class is that now I know what I'm missing out on w/ these 10 and 12" chef knives. Now, I love the knives I have now, but they had a selection of high level knives available for students to try out during our training.( I was a bit shocked that most of the people in the class did not take advantage of this, pretty much the guy next to me and myself were the only ones to try them out.). We were all over it though, trying out a new knife for almost every item to be chopped, swapping with each other. I wouldn't have thought that just a few extra inches on a knife would be such a big deal. But, really, I was surprised at how much more fluid the whole process was with that extra leeway. I'm thinking I might need to start saving up..

It would be hard to judge the best thing I learned. I was just soaking up the information like a sponge, taking in as much as I could. The class was three hours, but it completely slid on by. Maybe it’s weird to walk out of a class jazz’ed about proper knife technique.
But, well, I’ll be the first to admit I’m kind of weird.

Anyways, it was also a taught how to use a steel, which I was very much looking forward to (as our knives have become a bit dull). After learning that, as a present for my first class, Genevieve bought me one today! :) I immediately got home and sharpened up our knives. I know it sounds really silly but it really made a world of difference. After all, without that sharp edge, I doubt I would have so easily sliced into my thumb this evening ;) My own damn fault though, I need to practice a bit more of those new techniques I guess.

So, yes, much much much skills learned. Now I just need to keep them in practice.
I've already signed up for my next WRSOC class, Basic French Bread. I know it seems like kind of a niche thing to take a class on, but I'm hoping what I learn there can be used for a variety of bread making tasks.

Completely unrelated:
Subliminal Self (my band) is coming out of winter hibernation. Expect a show @ the Hi-Fi on April 9th w/ The House of Sections & Cyanotic. More information to come soon…