Sunday, February 08, 2004

So, as some of you might know, Sunday generally tends to be my "cooking day." The one day I take to make the food I might not have enough time for later on in the week, or just want to make for the hell of it, instead of just concentrating on making that night's dinner.

Today, it started with a Mole Poblano. This gave me a good chance to use many of the dried chilies I picked up this past week at the Hispanic market and, of course, engage in my recent obsession with Mexican cooking. Though intensive (thank goodness for the massive help I got from Genevieve), it was a complete joy to make. The smell of a cooking mole instantly earned its place among my top cooking smells. I can't describe it, but it was just enrapturing. We haven't even used what we made and I'm already anxious to make more, just to fill our kitchen with that scent again. Or I can just wait till Target clears off some of those damn vanilla-scented candles and gets some Mole and Roasted Garlic scented ones in ;)

Next up was a black bean soup. If you scroll back, you'll see that, per Genevieve's request, I had also made a black bean soup last week. The problem was that, though it tasted better, my black bean soup was higher in calories than Panera's. (Calories, schmarlories..) So, I was given a bit of a test: to make a black bean soup that was just as good, or better, than Panera's, but no more calories than it. I can't say the end result was better than my last attempt, but it fit the criteria and was still mighty good. I'll not bother reprinting the recipe, if you want a black bean soup, just make the other one and don't worry about it ;)

Third in line was dinner. Keeping in the spirit of the first dish, I made a Creamy corn and roasted poblano soup. There was no special trick to this. It's a solid dish that I'd made before and was quite yummy, though I can't wait for corn to get back in season. The frozen stuff just doesn't do it for me as much. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.

And lastly, dessert. If I had my way, we’d be sipping on a fruit-flavored atole (a new favorite winter comfort drink), but Genevieve thinks it, well, looks like “snot.” Soo..a chocolate espresso pudding (and yes, it's relatively low-fat). Damn the food network and their "Chocolate Week" themes, damn them!!

On a side-note, I am finally feeling much better. :) Yah!