Monday, February 09, 2004

So we had my mom over for dinner tonight. I made a gruyere and carmelized onion tart and Genevieve made a fruit salad, both excellent.

As dinner progressed, we got to talking about all the dishes my mom made for my sister and I growing up. And, like always, one meal came up again-and-again: Tuna rice pie.
We all have this dish. Something mom (or dad) made over and over, till you were completely sick of it... and then you got leftovers.
Mine was Tune rice pie. Looking back, it seems like my mom made this on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Even now, over a decade since I've touched one, I can still taste it. The chewy cheese top and the mushy egg, rice and tune insides. It was one of those busy-mom dishes that probably involved lots of canned goods and one sole spice: butter (hey, it's the midwest, butter is a spice here ;). OKay, to my mom's credit, it had paprika too. But anyways...
So, here I was, in the middle of dinner, trying to guess the ingredients to this childhood dish. Eggs, milk, canned tuna, onions, rice, cheese, butter? Was there a Cream of Something can of soup in there? Nope, that was the pork chops. But, try as I might, she wasn't budging.
I even went so far as vowing that, if she ever came by for dinner when Genevieve wasn't there, *I* would figure it out and make my own tuna rice pie. Yes, at this point, I'd obviously gone insane.

Here's my question of the day: what was *your* mom (or dad's) dish? Put that memorable meal in my comments section.
Until next time..