Monday, February 16, 2004

We interrupt your regularly scheduled food rants for a special message:

As some of you know, our apartment was broken into a few months ago. Many items were stolen, some of which we’ve been unable to afford to replace to this day. Around that time, items were stolen from our neighbors (behind us) porch as well as our friend, Greyson had his car broken into just around the corner. The police department (2nd district, for those counting) was inept to say the best. They made it seem like they were doing us a favor by coming out, as opposed to doing, well, their jobs.

Well, today, another neighbor’s apartment was broken into. This time it was the guy who lives *above* us! Yes, that’s right. I guess when you live on the second floor; you take it for granted that you don’t have to leave your windows locked. That is, until, someone climbs to the second floor roof and gains access to your apartment via the unlocked window. That’s exactly what happened. A Mac Laptop, portable DVD player, as well as many credit cards, gift certificates and misc. items were stolen. The cops were called, but this is the 2nd district police department we’re talking about. These are the cops who spend more time at Civilization (local coffeshop) than they do solving crimes. Back when Greyson’s car was broken into, we sat by his car after we called, waiting for the cops to show up. Over four cop cars passed and none of them stopped. When the night was done, no one came; we ended up having to go down to the police station to file our complaint.
Our hopes are very low that our neighbor will retrieve his belongings. It was at this time we noticed that our window seal was removed. You know those plastic sheets you tape to the outside of windows to prevent draft? Well, we are now missing one. Looking closer, it did not just fall off. There are footsteps leading up to the window and the plastic was all carefully removed. I assume whoever broke into our neighbor’s apartment was checking out ours. Luckily all of our windows are locked as well as the front two have window blocks screwed in, making it impossible to open the window more than 6 inches. So tonight we get to spend some time screwing in blocks on *all* of our windows. As of today, 3 out of the four apartments in this set of 2 houses have been broken into. Every one of them on a Monday or Tuesday. And we’re not talking cat burglars here. We’re talking people who are getting braver because they are simply not getting caught. Not even close.

I love our neighborhood. I love the sense of community and the bustling scene that is going on here. But, at this point, we are seriously considering moving out when our lease is up. For one reason: the 2nd district cops. We’re not alone in this either. My cousin lived in Tremont for many years and ended up moving out to Lakewood for the very same reason. The cops suck. They do not provide a sense of safety and, when a crime does occurs; you automatically assume there is no chance of it being solved. I’m not trying to be a whiny snot, but when a cop that is investigating a crime in your apartment tells you “I don’t care about anything north of Clark”, is that the police force you want to have watching over your place?