Thursday, February 26, 2004

What you once were, you will become again..

Sorry I've not been blogging much this past week. Been too busy commenting on other people's blog's ;)
Anyways, it's odd how what you grew up listening to, through your parents or peers can influence what you listen to now. Even if it's unrelated to just about everything else you enjoy. Like how Genevieve, who grew up listening to a lot of funk & jazz, finds herself on the "classic jazz" station on Live365 the other day. Probably on a more drastic note, I had to finally admit to myself yesterday that, yes; I like Lacuna Coil - a hard rock/metal band.

Growing up in a small town, most of the miscreants I hung out with listened to one type of music (metal), on three speeds (fast, faster and wall of noise and screams). In fact, the only local bands, that I knew of at least, were metal bands. They'd play at this club in a "sketchy" - and I use that term very loosely, more accurate would be "trashy" part of town. At the very least, I'm not talking hair metal or cock rock. These were people with posters for Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and such on their walls.

But, I grew out of that. Metal was never my thing, too aggro for my tastes. Too much posturing (which is kind of funny, since I moved into listening to goth, which has equally as much posturing going on ;) So, years later, to have to admit that, well, here's this band..and they're metal..but I like's just a bit weird. Like, though I think I've "grown out" of something, I'm still not quite there.

Like, as Genevieve enjoyed pointing out, I say "gosh" instead of "god", even though, as an atheist, there's really nothing I have that would morally prevent me from "using the lord's name in vain". She also enjoyed this as she thinks it's very much a Midwestern thing..
But then again, I am a real Midwestern farm boy.

Back to food tomorrow, I promise.