Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Attn: Non-Food related post follows.

So I am getting two new tattoos today.

The first is actually part of a story/art piece. The writer, Shelley Jackson, has put together a story, but instead of publishing it on paper, it's being printed on people. People volunteer to have one word of the story tattooed on them (picked at random) and thus become part of the story. A few co-workers and I went in on this. One of them already got his word ("before") tattooed on him and now it's Anne's and my turn. Her word is:
mine is:
I am getting it tattooed between my shoulder blades. She's getting hers along her spine.
For more info on the project, check out:

The second tattoo I am getting is the symbol for Pluto, one on each side of my lower spine. I was really attracted to if after reading the following description from symbols.com

"Astrologers in the West claim Pluto to be the ruling planet of Scorpio, that sign formerly was thought to be ruled by Mars. The US astrologer Alan Oken suggests that is merely a higher octave of Mars breaks down form, he claims, but transforms its very atomic structure. The planet is the aggressive and emotional energy behind wars, he says, but the planet represents the ultimate destruction of the atom bomb. signifies the passion in sexuality, but represents the orgasm. is the anger that makes the soldier pull the trigger, but is the force that separates the soul of the man who is shot from his body, Oken says."