Thursday, March 04, 2004

Dreams of food..

So, I had an odd dream last night. In it, I owned a small Bistro inside a Grocery Store. (Such as those coffeehouses within Borders.) It was the morning and I was getting everything ready when I realized that my wait staff (which consisted of one person) wasn't there. Walking outside the store, I find her making out with her boyfriend. I ask that she get inside and help me get ready for customers, but she refuses. So, I walk back in the restaurant, pacing around because now I have no one to wait on tables. Then, I decide that, rather than waste time, I'd best start prepping the dishes. I get to my prep table and pull out a list of about 9 items. It's at this point I realize that I have no idea which 3 items are supposed to be available today. Resigned to not being able to prep, I decide to check on the tables. The seats, which were empty minutes ago, are now filled with about 20 or so people, each one wondering where their food is. I complain to the person next to me, who has something to do with the Bistro, about my lack of help. He listens to me and walks outside. A short time later, through the doors comes a whole wait staff. Each one is decked out in a red shirt (which has the Bistro's logo on it, like some sort of uniform) as well as a small apron. The person who I talked to previously about my lack of staff is leading the pack. I look at them with great relief.

The end.