Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hello from the Great White North of Rochester, New York.
Okay, so it's probably not any colder than Cleveland right now, but at 25 degrees, it certainly feels like it.

So, rather the endure the overpriced "delights" of the Hyatt Regency's room service, my co-worker and I opted to try this Thai place that had been recommended to us called Mama Sans (which I would have thought was some vaguely xenophobic thing if it weren't for the fact that the place reeked more of "hangout for local Thai immigrants" than anything). That's to say, it was dingy. Not unhealthy dingy, more on the level of Phomn Pehn (for those in Cleveland who have had the pleasure). A hole in the wall. We were worried, until the food started coming. I started my meal out with a soup (the name of which slips me). Chicken and vermicelli noodles floating in a delicious broth of coconut milk and spices. The heat level was excellent. Firey withouth being inedible and the taste was just explosive with flavors of peanuts, coconut and chilis popping up at every turn. Next up was the main course, where I got a Vietnamese Curry with Chicken. Another awesome dish. The sauce was a slightly sour affair, embedded with a high spice level and lots & lots of peanuts ;) The whole dish was masterfully prepared, heavy without being overpowering and losing it's bold flavor.

This was in stark contrast to my breakfast this morning (from Hotel room service) which, even though it cost only a little bit less than the Dinner, was comprised of simply 4 pieces of french toast and 2 sausages (all of the low low price is $17.00! Glad it's on my work's bill). The toast was, suprisingly, dry and rather bland. The sausages were okay, but not worth the price they charged for them.

I have so much food in my fridge now. From the thai leftovers to a bunch of soup and salad my loving wife packed to me, I think I could eat the rest of the trip without going out.

But then, how would I burn through the company's cash? :)