Monday, March 08, 2004

I guess someone is reading this... ;)

So, after commenting last week about my lack of a larger knife, I get a call from my dad this past Thursday. He had read the blog entry and went out and bought us an early anniversary present. A Wüsthof 10" Chef's Knife, engraved with my initials (for when I go to cooking school, so I can take it with me and not lose it). For those who read this blog that do not cook at much, maybe it's kind of hard to explain how cool this is. But, as I learned from my class as well as just plain using it, having a good knife does make a lot of difference. It's longer, so it involves less wrist motion to chop, since it doesn't need to be brought up as far to "clear" the food. It's deadly sharp, so it slices through veggies like butter and it's high quality, so it'll last me a good long long time. It's like, a Honda is a great car, but you wouldn't want to go drag racing in it. My 8"'ers are still good knives, but with the amount and precision of use needed for classes and school, as well as home, the Wüsthof will serve me better.

The knife arrived this past Saturday. Needless to say, I am intensely geek'ed and very grateful to my dad. :)