Tuesday, March 23, 2004

On a more personal note, let me say this:
Business Trips SUCK

I tell you, I'm sure there's worse things in life than being plugged into an expensive hotel on someone else's dime, but it's the whole temporary transplantation thing that gets to me. I'm here, but not long enough to get to experience Rochester and it's like, even if I did get a chance to go out, I'd have to find a tour guide who had similar interests as I. That could happen, but not within the limited constraints of who I see. So, instead, I am stuck at work and the hotel room, watching way more tv than I like, annoying my neighbors my incessant harmonica playing (instead of my wife) and probably eating more than I should as well.

Well, I am off to grab some lunch and wander aimlessly until I find myself completely lost or the secret West vault (containing the hidden plans of the Legal Illuminati).