Friday, March 26, 2004

So, after much convincing, I finally got Genevieve to join me for a trip to this new Mexican joint in town, Taqueria Guadalajara. At first glance of the menu, my heart sank. It looked as if this place was just another El Rodeo. Another link in the Mexican franchise chain. Combo plate one, combo plate two, etc. But, ah, turns out those are there for the timid or unadventurous. Turning the page revealed a wealth of authentic tacos, tortas and the like (during the weekends, they apparently also serve dishes such as Pozole). This is where my taste buds led me. We each ordered a torta (basically, a sandwich) and a taco. Once the food arrived, we first went to work on the tacos. Served on 2 layers of warm corn tortillas and sprinkled with cilantro, lettuce, your choice of fillings (I got chorizo, Genevieve got mushrooms), a wedge of lime and an heavenly smoky sauce, these proved that, true to their name, tacos really were what they did best. This was not your hard shell Chi-Chi's fare. Simple, yes, but also amazingly full of flavor. Next up were the tortas. Here, they fell a little flat for Genevieve. Her avocado torta was good, but very plain. No match for the punch of the tacos. My Torta al Pastor, on the other hand, was equally delicious. Full of grilled peppers, marinated pork and cheese, it bowled over the bland torta I'd had just days before. Lunch was served with a side of grilled jalapenos, which acted as a perfect match to the spicy, but not overly hot meal.

What else can I say? Go there!
12926 Lorain Ave. Just down the street from Phomn Pehn.