Wednesday, March 10, 2004

So I am now further tattooed. I need to take a picture of my "word" tattoo, as part of the agreement I signed to be involved in the project. When I have that, and a picture of the Pluto one, I will post it.

So, the question every asks: did it hurt? Answer: like hell. Though, really, about 75% of it was bearable. Sure, it was painful, but I was okay. Now, that 25%, on the other hand, was completely excruciating. Those were the times when the tattoo gun was either on my shoulder blades or my spine (especially the lower spine). Those were the times I was wondering why I was paying someone to cause me that much agony. In the end though, I am really happy with them. I got them done at Voodoo Monkey and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else, or go back there. It's weird though, there's something about getting them done on my back which made me more nervous. Maybe it's some human instinct that I'm violating by turning my back on someone who plans to cause me pain, I don't know.

Now that I have that over with, back to food.
So, lots of good dishes came out of the Coleff (or Southern Coleff) kitchen this past week. Among them:

Applesauce - More out of need than culinary experimentation, I ended up simmering this with sugar & spices, covered, on a crock pot all night. It gave the applesauce the deep rich caramel color of apple butter, but retained the consistency of the sauce. It also imparted a really rich, almost chocolate taste to the mix. This is definitely a technique I plan to repeat. Good tasting and low maintenance, can't go wrong ;)

I used some excess apples not used in the applesauce to make a few baked apples for dinner. They were good, but time constraints forced me to use the oven instead of the crock-pot, so I didn't really like the taste as much as the slow cooked variety.

Cheese & Soy Chorizo Enchiladas - check out Genevieve's Blog for info on that.

Indian Flavored Black Bean Soup - Another example of need prevailing over experimentation. I'd like to say I had planned to make this a pseudo-Indian soup, but really..I ran out of cumin. So, I decided to try some alternative spices, using a bit of the masala I bought for the chickpea dish I made the other day as well as a bit of turmeric, chili power and a few other things. Turned out damn good, if I do say so myself. Maybe next time I'll fry a chili and spice mixture up, take the idea further.

Sorry there is no theme today. I promise to return to my usual rants and raves soon :)