Monday, March 29, 2004

Well, it's only fitting that on a sunny spring day, the only cd's I have at work are mellow goth discs. That said, must make the best of things and, using them as inspiration...
My Top 5 Depressing Albums:

5. The Cure "Disintegration"
Ex. Lyric: "oh just one more and I’ll walk away all the everything you win turns to nothing today"

4. Cyber Zen Sound Engine "The Intercepted Transmissions"
Ex. Lyric: (instrumentals)

3. This Mortal Coil "It'll end in Tears"
Ex. Lyric: "Fond affections are never said, They're only sung in songs. I never was naive enough to know when I was wrong"

2. Lycia "Tripping Back through Broken Days"
Ex. Lyric: "I will not sleep tonight, too many thoughts, muscles too tight, here in the dark I'll replay, all that has passed, the glory of broken days"

1. Area "The Perfect Dream"
Ex. Lyric: "There was a window with ice so thick I couldn't see, and I just walked away, gave up on all the sunlight that I need, and sneaked across the floor"