Thursday, April 08, 2004

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am anti-Atkins. Actually, I'll go even further than that. The Atkins diet *pisses me off*. It's like watching "Survivor". Just thinking about it, the very idea seems idiotic, but, still, people do it. A whole slew of people do it. Yes, maybe a few do lose weight. But, to me, every single person on the diet could be a size 1 and it would *still* be irritating and it would still be idiotic. Why? Because it annoys my inner-foodie ;)

I love food, in all it's myriad variations of colors and flavors. It's a great thing. So, if you're going to serve pizza without the crust or pimp a ranch slathered salad by calling it "Atkin's friendly", well, you might as well blow snot and piss all over it as well. Sure, I've heard about how people eat way too much grains in the first place. But is that an excuse to cut it out altogether, make a diet centered around it's exclusion? Noooo.. It's called moderation. Atkins is called bastardization. If you want to eat better, don't eat at T.G.I Friday's every week, don't order pizza every day. Take the time to make food at home, eat at restaurants which have a real interest in serving health conscious food (note: health conscious does NOT mean tasteless). Nobody has to do it every day, I certainly don't. I love rich fatty foods just as much as the next person, but I recognize I can't have that every day. And I don't think I'm on a diet or even health-conscious. I just don't want to be the iggy-piggy.

I think this is where the fundamental difference between myself and many people who go on this diet comes in. I do not think of food as simply a means for gaining energy and sustenance. I see it as a celebration. Last Night, I made a dinner of Uruguayan Bean Salad and Paraguayan Corn Bread (yes, big on the "guayans" ;) , which turned out awesome and, you know, it put me in a good mood. I was happy simply because of this good food. Things like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC. They're not doing it cause they love food. They're doing it because they know they can put low quality meat with lots of salt on a bun and your average Joe will gobble it up, thinking they're getting a deal by getting a hamburger, which probably cost 0.10 to make for 0.99.

But, I digress. I can understand the non-foodie perception. Shoot, I did not grow up celebrating world cuisine. It's like anything, to some people it's just not as important. I don't doubt their enjoyment of a good food and I certainly don't think any better or worse of anyone based on their culinary knowledge/enjoyment. But, I think people just need to stop and say, "Damn, I'm eating pizza with no crust. How fucked up is that?"

Now don't get me started on pie/hot dog/etc eating contests ;)