Thursday, April 01, 2004

Goodbye "Chicago Blues" Harmonica (only $1.99 at Musician's Friend!), you will be missed.

So I broke my first Harmonica yesterday.
And, at this point, Genevieve says either "And this is a" -or- "Well, if you wouldn't take it apart."

Of course, I'll buy another one, they're like about $5.00 each at any music shop. But the question is: Why? I mean, most of you have heard my music. It's not exactly what you'd called "Blues Harmonica" friendly. Though our more recent songs (live, anyways) have incorporated tribal drumming & acoustic guitar, the harmonica hasn't earned it's place there yet.

To me, it's the portability of the thing. I loved the fact that I could take it with me when driving, when walking down the street, anywhere. And there, I could have music. Maybe not *good* music, yet..but I'm improving. Maybe it's because the other 99% of the time, I play keyboards. Big, clunky, deli board type of things that involve cabling, stands, cases and on.. I can't take a keyboard into a field or play it in the car (unless I want to get in an accident, of course). And, weird as it may be, I liked the sound. Granted, no one else did. Genevieve, the cats...neither were particular partial to it. But, makes me think of chain gangs, Bob Dylan, and lonely blues men. I liked it.

By the way, the way that it died is this:
Two of the reeds had ceased to work. Assuming I'd laid some nasty glue spit down at some point, I opened it up to take a look.
And couldn't get it back together.....

This is why I should not perform musical instrument repairs.