Monday, April 26, 2004

So, I was going to blog about the Wine Tasting this past weekend, but Mike covered that way better than I could of here.

It was an...interesting night ;)
I also picked up some booze @ Bob's (hey, that could be a new store name. Screw "Riverside", "Booze at Bob's" has more of a ring to it.) Namely, a bottle of Meeker wine which I'd had a chance to try last weekend, but forgot to place an order for, and a handful of brews. One of which being a Great Lakes summer beer, the "Holy Moses Ale", a damn good Belgian style spiced beer which I look forward to every year.

I spent the rest of the weekend messing with my new toy & playing Pacman on my Namco TV-Game system. (note: I like Bosconian just as much, but I play it so aggressively, I fear I am going to break the joystick once i get past level 5 or so). By the way, I highly recommend the Namco system for anyone who was a arcade junkie in the 80's. Note: you must supply the greasy screen and spill pop on the joystick yourself. Sorry.

And Sunday was, once again, a cooking day. Though, honestly, it was all pretty tame 'cause I was dead tired all day. Lesse.. I made:

  • Black Bean Soup (as always ;)
  • Mexican Rice Pudding
  • Corn Pudding - not a sweet pudding
  • Fried mushrooms with crispy peppers and epazote

    then Genevieve made:
  • Fruit Salad
  • Chili fries (my recipe :)
  • Soy-sausages w/ onions and green peppers

Let me finish by saying this: If you are a Market vendor and you flirt with a customer, say, my wife. You should at *least* do her the service of giving her good produce in the process. I mean, no amount of flirting is going to win anyone over if you're passing off rotten pineapple and strawberries.