Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Who the hell are these people anyways?

I don't know how many of you visit my side-links. But, really, they're there for a reason. Either 'cause they are my friends, mortal enemies (hi Adam!) or that I find their blog's velly interesting.

So, today, I will give props to my side links and let you know what you may find, should you click them. (This is for the blogger's amusement as much as my own).
I'll start off with the bands.

Subliminal Self - The homepage of my band. A synthpop duo with Greyson (from In a Cat's Eye).

Tofu - Remixer and electronic musician extraordinaire. Purveyor of funk'ed up dance/ambient/everything.

State of Being - Seminal (that means old ;) Cleveland electro-rock outfit.

SynthCleveland - A resource group for electronic musicians in the NE Ohio area. That didn't sound practiced, did it?

Pixellation - Genevieve's (my wife) personal blog. I dare not say anything smartassed here. I'd really like to avoid sleeping on the couch.

A Month Full of Wednesdays - The title is a reference to a weekly series of shows SynthCleveland produced last year. The site is a clearing house for all things Crooker that don't have to do with food.

My Defective Life - Viewing this site may cause birth defects (like a flat head) and be followed by the pervasive scent of old pot and booze.

Organic Mechanic - My favorite porn site! *

Me and Bella - The (un)loading dock for tales of my one and only sibling's daily life.

Food Goat - Another local foodie couple and fellow marketeer. (Sadly, the marketeers have no theme song or silly hats yet, but we're working on it.)

Blog Critics - A massive site containing reviews of everything from the latest Australian punk band reissue EP to Janet Jackson's superbowl performance.

Triangulation - Lots of links to geeky music sites. Like this one can be...

* note: this is not really a porn site, so everybody stop clicking it first.