Friday, May 28, 2004

"...and I ask myself 'well, how did I here?'"

Originally, to soften the venom of yesterday's post, I was going to write out all the prepacked/processed foods I eat. But, as it turns out, for just this once, I wasn't talking out my ass. I really could not come up with a list. I don't buy anything nuke-able (we don't even have a microwave) and I make all my own sauces. Well, okay, I did come up with one thing: fake meat products. I'm talking soyrizo (which is awesome), fake "hamburgers", "sausages", etc. But, I hope you all will cut me some slack, considering most of that is beyond my culinary scope (except the hamburgers and Genevieve just likes the store-bought ones better :P)

That said, I was able to take a trip in the wayback machine to reveal, it definitely wasn't always like that. At one point, I ate enough prepacked food to grow a third eye. And here they favorite foods, circa 1996!

* Banquet Family Size Salisbury Steaks w/ gravy - yes, family size. The fact that, these alone, did not blow me up to a hefty 300 lbs is a miracle of the teenage metabolism.

* Jeno's Crisp'n Tasty Pizza - Where else can you get a pizza for 1.99? Seriously, my cheap self went through more of these than a human ever should. I thought they tasted like crap even then, but I was just too damn cheap to buy anything else.

* Brand X Frozen Burritos - With my current Mexican food craze, it's hard to imagine a time when a couple frozen burritos were my idea of "ethnic". But, it happened. I say Brand X 'cause, one again, we're talking about whatever brand was cheap/on sale. Therefore, most likely had meat made with discarded cow eyes.

* And..of course...lot and lots of Mac and Cheese...

Note: I am not counting ramen..if you were that age and did *not* eat ramen, you let me know, okay? ;)