Tuesday, May 04, 2004

First up:

I have some tickets for the Cleveland Music Festival, this year, up for sale. "What", you ask, "is the Cleveland Music Festival?" Oh, so glad you asked. So glad you asked!
CMF is a four-day music festival, spanning just about every club in Cleveland and every genre in local music. From country & blues to goth & industrial. Now, what I have for you is a ticket that will cover all four days of the festival (May 20th-23rd). This ticket will get you into as many clubs as you'd like, as many times as you'd like, for those four days. And..it's only $10.00 if you get it from me. (They charge $20.00 at the door) Plus, you get into see the headliner roster they have going, including bands like: The Misfits, Gwar, Disengage, Cyde, (216), Tantric & more...all using that same ticket.

Need more of a reason? Well, your pals Subliminal Self will be performing @ the Pirate's Cove on Saturday night, as part of the CMF. And here's the skinny: the more tickets I sell, the better a time we get to choose. Pretty simple. You get to see as much live music as you can take and we get to not play at 3am. Everyone wins :)

Want one? E-mail me at: patrick@subliminalself.com . I can drop 'em off or mail it out to you. I also accept paypal. But, if you're going to buy, buy soon! Times get decided upon next week and I need to shine that apple.

More info at: http://www.clevelandmusicfestival.com/

Second up:

Damn, my fingers hurt. So, I'm learning the play the guitar (on an old Harmony Stella). I'm not looking to become some virtuoso here. I really just want to be able to play the chord progressions for the songs I write on the keyboard. So far, I think I have a solid Em and C chord, but not much else ;) But, shoot..what sort of sadist invented the guitar string and why did they make it hurt my fingertips so?