Monday, May 24, 2004

So, the weekend is done and over and I'm proud to say that we survived our CMF gig. It was not without it's hits and misses though.

The evening started out on a sour note when I tried to park in the parking lot across from Peabody's and was informed that the fee was $10.00, because of CMF. Now, call me crazy, but there's no way on this green earth I am paying $10 freggin dollars to *park* for a show I'm playing at. So, I parked a few blocks down. Of course, this meant I had to lug all my gear down the street, but it wasn't too bad. Well, we got in, put our stuff in a corner and..waited. And..waited. The show was running behind. Originally, we thought it was simply 15min or so behind schedule, but when the band we assumed to be before us ended and another one took the stage, we found out the stage was running over a full act behind. So, our prime 11:00pm slot was now turning into a midnight show. This didn't affect us as much as 20goto10 (fellow local synthpop'ers..more on them later), who were now looking to go on around 1:00pm. In the meantime, we heard some of the most tepid alt-rock I've ever laid my ears on. Imagine, if you will, a lineup of bands who actually think this is their big gig and it's somehow going to get them the big record deal. These were those bands. As a token to them, they all sounded like something one could hear on a Clear Channel "alternative" station, but that's only because they all sounded like every-other-goddamn-band already ON the radio! Seriously, I always liked to think that local music was the one bastion of creative bands out there. But these guys sucked all that out of me. If rock has been dead for many years, these bands were the earthworms in it's coffin.

Anyways, I'm getting way off track here.

So, a bit late, we went on (much thanks to the soundman who, despite of the chaos of so many bands, kept his cool, was professional, nice and just, generally, ran a good soundboard.) After opening with a new intro I was working on that morning, we bounded into our set. Greyson was in fine form, singing to audience members, working the stage, belting it out. It was hard to imagine the timid guy who stood in one place on our first show, who has, with this show and the one before, exploded into a energetic performer. And, as energy breeds energy, even I got some boppin' and dancing in..though, admittedly, it's a bit hard behind the keyboard ;) We even got a few people audience members moving and groovin'. Very cool. All in all, a good performance.

20goto10 were the last band of the night and took the stage after us. It was a very fitting choice, as though our styles are pretty different, with all the rock bands going on, we were the closest relations around. With analog synths sprawled all over the stage and a very Kraftwerk-esque show going on from the keyboardists (including some serious vocoding), they put on a good show. The vocalist, Sara, belted the tunes out with some serious power. My only criticism would be that she has such a good voice, there were some songs where I felt it was wasted with more spoken word/mantra material. The ones where she was allowed to really open up those vocal chords really worked better. (Greyson left with the instructions: "I want to sing with her!"). I had their last song of the night "In Heaven" in my head all weekend. You can download it at: - check it out.

In closing, it was very weird to work on a show which was 1) soooo corporate and 2) where I felt so much like a insignificant blip on the show's radar. I mean, from the "dude" pep talks I mentioned earlier to the high level of security and such going on, it all left me feeling very weird. Like I had to watch my back to avoid being screwed. Of course, we weren't and, in reality, we took it as a good opportunity to hopefully get a few new fans. But, I don't think we'll be doing this next year.