Wednesday, May 12, 2004

So, we've sold 10 tickets in-total for CMF 2004. Much thanks to those who bought some!
For those who haven''s the day. Tomorrow, I need to turn them all in and get our time. Wish us luck!

I have to say, insofar, this whole CMF has left a bad taste in my mouth. From hawking our own presale tickets (personally, I've always felt presale doesn't work very well for local bands) to competing with our fellow Clevelanders for those prime spots,'s not my shtick. I'm not interested in being a rock star, I'm not thinking that some label rep is going to be there and sign us up (which is part of what these things are supposed to be for). Personally, in this day and age of digital distribution, I'm not even that interested in "getting signed". It just feels so dated. Kids living in their mom's basement, dreaming of the day that some big label finds out how much they ROCK! Sure, I wouldn't mind the distribution and promotion help, but I don't think the labels that could really do that for us will be there.

I have a story as well..and this is sure to offend. So, a rep. from CMF calls me the other day to check on how many tickets we'd sold. While he's finding out, he's trying to buddy-buddy me. Telling me how he was hanging out at this club and this PornStar who was there and how she had these "HUGE TITS, DUDE!" Wow..and you know, I don't know this guy, why is he telling me this? Am I supposed to go: "wow, dude, that sounds like a rockin' scene, man. yea, man, titties, cool!" And he's asking me if we have a gig this weekend and if we had practice today and, sure, that's nice to ask and all...fine...but you know, I don't need someone to pretend to be my friend. I don't need the rock n' roll experience. Shoot, I just wanted a gig!

I still have hopes for a good show though. If we can get a few more people on the mailing list and a few more hits to the website (which, btw, has now FAR surpassed last year's stats and we're not even halfway done), I'll be happy. If I can not get schmoozed by some guy who uses "dude" every other word, even better.