Monday, May 03, 2004

So, what did we make this weekend??

Homemade Marble (Chocolate & Vanilla) Pudding Pops

* The original recipe actually called for using those pudding mixes, but, shoot, I had the time, so I made the puddings from scratch. (Which was kind of funny because I remember making the transition from instant to regular mixes. Now, I don't even use those ;) - note: I think if I were making these for kids, I'd use the mix, but lacking anyone bugging me as to when it would be done, I took my time. Either way, turned out yummy yummy. Just as good as the stuff Mr. Cosby used to pimp.

Mini Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins

* These were, unfortunately, a failure. The recipe was obviously screwy as, even though everything was measured perfectly, it was awfully wet (when the recipe itself said it would be very thick). Attempts to rectify this with different cooking times failed. Plus, it was a low fat recipe and even the parts that did get cooked had that spongy lo-fat taste. Got fed to the trash can.

Eggplant with Miso Glaze (thanks Mike!)

* A Food & Wine recipe which came to us through this man. I've made this a few times previously, but this time around, since we were already heading to Asian Plaza for a few things, we picked up Japanese eggplant for it. This ended up really doing the trick and the end result was notably more "meltingly tender" than our attempts with regular eggplant. Genevieve ended up getting a tough piece of skin on one though and veered away from the rest. Ah well, I wolfed the remainder ;)

Spring Rolls with Mint Dipping Sauce (again, thanks to Mike for the Dipping Sauce recipe :)

* After a few torn up rolls, I managed to get the swing of these (kind of, they still weren't as tight as I'd like. It seemed like they were either loose or the rice paper would tear. Bah!) They were still good, just..messy. We had extra filling, so we'll be having a "spring roll salad" today ;)

Queso Blanco Quesadillas with a cooked Chipotle Sauce

* This is what I made for Genevieve, since she didn't eat most of the eggplant. No real tricks. Yummy though.

Homemade Granola

* I actually made the granola this morning, before work, if you can believe that. I tried a little bit of it before packing it up to head out. Seemed okay, but not nearly sweet enough for my tastes (I think this is the result of it being a lo-fat recipe.) So I shot it with some maple syrup before grabbing it and heading out.

I think there were a few other things, but nothing else of note. Now to start brainstorming what I'll be making for a party this weekend. I feel I have a reputation to keep up, so I'm thinking a California salad isn't cutting it ;)