Thursday, May 27, 2004

Teeny-tiny food rants

* Ben & Jerry's now make a Low Carb line of their Ice Cream. Oh Ben, Oh Jerry! Say it ain't so! I will stop now, lest this blog have to be renamed

* Prechopped Onions - Do you know how long it takes me to chop an onion? Probably 30 seconds or less..for one whole damn onion. That's finely chopped AND giving myself slack. Don't be a wuss, chop your own damn onions. It's not hard.

* Decaffeined Maxwell House Coffee - why?

* People who use the phrase "Life's short, I'll eat what I want" ...before placing their McD order - Though I agree, in part. If life is so short, why are you spending yours eating CRAP. Life's short, spend it eating good food. Maybe it's me, but if my arteries are going to clog and stop, I'd rather have it be because of a crème brulee than a factory produced fried load of corporate glop.

* Related: The idea that good food is either hard to make or too much work - I blame all the insta-crap out there for this. Hot Pockets, Fast Food, Microwave Meals, etc. Good food does not have to take hours to make or involve alot of exotic ingredients. I, in no way/shape/form consider myself a "health nut." It's just that, if I have to put this stuff into my body, shoot, I'm willing to have it take more than 30 seconds for something I can read the ingredient listing on. Powdered, Prepacked & Premade food all propagate the myth that real food is hard to make, which is utter bullshit. For those that have read my blog before, you know that, for awhile, there was a period where I was getting repeated requests for my chipotle salsa. You know how I made that? Stuck two tomatoes and one washed and one deseeded chipotle pepper in a blender with a little salt, then cooked that mix for approx 10minutes in a small pan on high heat, until darkened and thick. Done.

Last note - Good food does not mean low-fat food. It means food that doesn't make your body go "WTF?!"