Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wine Tasting - 5-25-04

To start the evening off, I was running late.
Admittedly, I'd left the house late, but I was making good time on my way to the Tasting when I hit I-480 and -bam- stopped traffic. There was no accident, no closed lanes..just I-480 and rush hour, two things which never mix well. After slugging along in stop-and-go traffic for about 20minutes, I reached the split before 271 and 480 and it was smooth sailing from there. All in all, I was 40 minutes late, which seriously picked at my normally rigid sense of being on-time. For those who don't know (as Genevieve does), lateness bugs me on a deep deep level. I actually have to force myself not to show up at parties right at the time the invite says it starts. Yes, I was the one goob at the goth club at 10:00pm, hours before the cool kids showed up.

Anyways, this tasting was buffet-style, which meant I really didn't have much to do other than soak up the wine, not that I'm argueing, you understand ;)
Mike brought a bunch of deliscious dishes, including: his famous deep-fried tempeh sushi, bruschetta, green beans in a hoisin sauce (which were freggin awesome), a Tlalpeno soup (chipotle soup with chick peas), rosemary roasted red potatoes, a cabbage salad and, of course, Liz's olive oil chocolate cake. I'm sure Mike will let me know if I forgot something, as I'm thinking I did.

Here is the wine list:
1. Carignane 2002 $15.99 per bottle
2. Coturri Views Land Zinfandel 2002 $16.99 per bottle
3. Forsythe Zinfandel 2000 $27.99 per bottle
4. Coturri Workingman's Red Sangiovese Napa Valley 2001 $15.99 per bottle
5. Coturri Cabernet Sauvignon Weiss Vineyards Napa Valley 2000 $19.99 per bottle
6. Coturri Chauvet Zinfandel 2002 $23.99 per bottle
7. Coturri Estate Zinfandel 2002 $32.99 per bottle
8. Coturri Chauvet Zinfandel East Block Old Vines 2002 $27.99 per bottle

My tops were probably the Views Land Zinfandel (a sweet red, which I bought a bottle of) as well the Estate Zin and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Really, I enjoyed all the wines, though the Carignane and Workingman's Red didn't do much for me.

A little bit of side info: All of these wines are organic. That means no pesticides, no sulfites, just naturally produced wines. If you want to find out more, I suggest you check out their site:
which not only goes over their process, but compares it to a convential factory produced winery.