Monday, June 14, 2004

My cubemate encourages me to be messed in the head.
So I r/c'ed a shipment of another Newton and additional accessories this morning, all for a nice deal I might add.

As I was going through and accounting for everything, I felt a little something odd in one of the pockets of the carrying case that came with my shipment. Digging into it revealed a set of about 10 photographs, obviously of the sender and his friends (circa 1992-95 from the date stamp on all of them).

I was just planning on throwing them out or sending them back, but before that, I made the mistake of showing them to my cubemate. He got all excited and insisted that we hang these on our walls and make like these are our friends/family. (He even went so far as to make up a story about the death of his 'ex-girlfriend Lisa's' dog in one of the pictures, as well as,of course, names for all the people. Including "Carl", who 'touched' him when he was a kid.)

So, I gave him all but two of them, which he now has hanging on his walls. I tried to give him all of them, but he insisted that I keep two to hang on my walls. I kept the picture of "Dan" and "Brian" outside this restaurant and a picture of "Carl", "Dan" & two others inside a concert arena.

He's now talking about sending a group of kids he has a picture of presents for Christmas.....

This is freggin weird.
(I couldn't handle it and took mine down) If anyone wants 'em...