Monday, June 28, 2004

One thing I forgot to mention in my last weekend post were my new kitchen toys: a set of cast-iron frying pans. I got these from my Dad while we were down visiting :)
Not only do they possess enough weight to knock anyone unconscious with one blow (always a plus), they've proved very enjoyable in the kitchen. Just this past weekend, I used them for things they should be used for (like some excellent skillet cornbread), but the end of the weekend, I was using them for everything from tomatillo salsa on..

In other, unrelated notes, for those who don't know, I've formed a LiveJournal for my band, Subliminal Self.
You can check it out here.
For those who are already on the mailing list, the livejournal is somewhere between that and this blog, in ways of personal level. Most often, I'll just be posting stories from shows/practice/etc, or just things not important enough to post a newsletter about, yet.