Thursday, June 03, 2004

So, the Cleveland Scene Music Nominees are in..and Subliminal Self is not among them.

s'okay. I honestly didn't think we would be. But, what I was suprised with is who *was*:

Best Goth/Industrial Act :
Chew's Eye Shop
Planet Killswitch
Nox Arcana
Midnight Syndicate
Filament 38

Now, most of you don't recognize any of these names. But, let me give you the rundown.
Filament38, Midnight Syndicate (who always win it) - these I am fine with. They both definitely deserve it.

Planet Killswitch, on the other hand, is a *metal* band. And I don't mean like KMFDM metal. I mean metal-metal. Not Goth/Industrial. Metal...metal.
Nox Arcana, I've never heard of. I assume the same thing.

And Chew's Eye Shop - don't get me wrong. They are very good and def. deserve a place on the list. But - years ago! Their website hasn't r/c'ed regular updating since early 2003, they haven't performed regularly since 2001, they haven't released anything since March of 2003. Yet, they still make the list, every year. I don't get it. If they starting going again though, this opinion would change and I would put them up on the list in a second.

So who should be on the list (besides SubSelf, of course ;)?

* Decadent - David K. and I have had our differences, but they're a solid force of performing and promotion. They deserve the credit for that.
* UV - If you're going to pass the goth/industrial torch on from the band, Lestat (which is, I assume, how Killswitch got on there, since they were formed by Lestat's ex-vocalist), give it to Tim and his band of rivetheads.

But, what's done is done. So..if you do plan on voting...I would suggest. For goth/industrial: FIlament38 or Midnight Syndicate.