Tuesday, June 15, 2004

So, for various reasons, namely ones involving not selling my excess yet, I currently have three, count-'em, Apple Newtons (OMP, MP120 and an eMate).

I've had the eMate for a few months now, but the arrival of the MP's into the office yesterday was met with the usual: curiosity and ridicule.
Let's face it. These things are bricks. The MP120 looks to be about 7" long and the eMate, shoot, that's the size of a small powerbook. They're b&w and their history (having the product line dumped unceremoniously by Steve Jobs upon his return to Apple in 1998) is not the best.

To those naysayers.. who very much include Genevieve..let me point out the following:
Wired magazine, just a few months ago (and a full 6 years since the discontinuation of the Newton line) published an article in support of blogging via the Newton:

Their last Newton article before that, in 2002 (again, 4 years after it's death) spotlights the joyous brick, in-full:

A 3Com Palm III, which was issued the same year as the last Newton (the 2100), goes for approx $8.00-15.00 on ebay. A Newton 2100 with similar accessories goes from $80.00 to well over $100.00.

The LOW traffic point of the Newtontalk.net mailing list, this year, was April..with only 2261 messages.

A google search for "Apple Newton", pulls up 38,300 relevant hits.

Point of all of this being:
My love for the newton isn't just a solo desire for technology lost and forgotten (though I will admit that is part of the reason, as well ;) Well made and engineered technology does not have to fade into the distant at it's stage of considered obsolesce.

Plus, they're just so damn cute. Even Genevieve has gotten to referring to them as living things "Newton" instead of "the Newton" ;)