Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Wow, I didn't know one could screw up an order this bad...

So, after all my talk of Mexican food, when lunch came around and a co-worker was offering to take order for this new burrito bar in Slavic Village, I decided to nix Chinese for the week (a weekly ritual in my department) and go with a burrito.

Now, here is what I ordered:
barb-q'ed pork with black beans & corn, tomatoes, jalapeno's, sour cream & hot salsa.

Here's what I r/c'ed
"barb-q'ed pork" with black beans, NO corn, tomatoes, NO jalapeno's, sour cream, NO salsa..and cheddar and black olives, which I did not order.

Notice the quotes, what I mean is that this is all made all-the-worse by the fact that I temporarily forgot that, though in the restaurants I go to barb-qued pork means pork cut from a wheel, usually marinating in a bunch of spices. Here, barb-q means the standard northern definition = sweet tomato based sauce, which is what I got.

All this and it took them an hour and half to make 5 (!!) burritos.

And to put the topper on the cake, one of my ...least liked...co-workers is now constantly talking in a horrible xenophobic spanish accent (see: Speedy Gonzales)