Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A couple of links I recently got:

First...a site very much up my alley:

Now, I remember when SUV's hit peak popularity. It seemed that everyone and their mom (especially those under 5'3") was driving around in one of these beasts with appropriate names like Suburban (which part of me likes to believe is a subtle dig on your average SUV driver on the part of a designer somewhere) and Expidition. And, yes, I hated them. This was probably made worse by the fact that I got into an accident (my fault) with one and, though on a normal car, it would have been a fender-bender, the fact that the SUV's bumper was actually in line with my HOOD and not my bumper (what is the point of the bumper, in that case, anyways?), it ended up doing extensive damage.
This dislike was escalted even further recently, when we rented one to haul back furniture from Ikea, only to discover that, even in a honkin' slab, as they are, the inside space was sooo poorly designed that it seemed to only have a miniscule more space than my compact Honda. Anyways, so I saw SUV's..and lo', I did hate.

Then..when I thought people couldn't drive anything more asshole-y. I saw my first Hummer driving down the road.
And that spite I felt before...oh it grew like the Grinch's heart at the end of the story. I don't get it. Who needs a car that fucking big and, even worse, why is the #1 color seem to be yellow and black? I mean, are these people just smart enough to want to acknowledge they're driving around a BUS? who knows.
Okay, I will say, it's okay in my book to have a Hummer IF: 1) you live in the mountains..and I mean like the top of Everest. 2) you need something to drive your religious cult around in. 3) you are IN THE MILITARY AND CURRENTLY SERVING.

Anyways, link #2 is another reason why Prince is damn fucking cool: