Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Does this make me old, or just an audio freak?

I've been listening to this program called Atmosphere Lite all day today.
It's this software where basically you can adjust it to replicate the audio environment of say: a Storm, Woodlands, Autumn, a Dessert, Summer, etc.

The intent is to offering a calming sonic landscape for work or such and, I have to say, it works pretty well. The program is arranged so that nothing feels looped and is quite random. (It works on two stages: a background stage, where you set things like wind and rain and such..constants and a random sound stage, where it adds things like occasional wildlife sounds. There is a setting for Driving on a rainy day which is, for some reason, particularly relaxing for me.)

It completely tickles the audio geek in me, which loves ambient noise. I'm one of those people who generally like to hear sound constantly and it fills that space really well, without inducing the ear fatigue of listening to music 24x7.

But then, it *is* calming nature sounds, which feels soooo damn lame.