Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Had a busy and long weekend this past holiday...here's some short snippets:

On my bike back on Thursday (which, overall, went well)..I got to meet one of the types of car vs. bike drivers that Miss Spisak mentioned previously, the Honkers. I can only guess that *they* consider this an act of consideration. Mind you, one which, in essence means, "Get out of my fucking way", but consideration nonetheless.

I also got a chance to discover that the hardest vehicles to ride on the road with are actually NOT SUV's. It's those big Ford or Dodge trucks. You know, like the F350's or such. These guys are actually WIDER than an SUV, leaving almost 0 room in their lane to being with. Which, for a bike, means that they are either constantly almost running into you or you are almost constantly passing them by riding slammed against the curb.

Did a lot of other biking this weekend, as well. But the rest of it was on the Towpath Trail. 7 miles on Saturday and then 14 on Monday. We would have gone farther on Sunday, but we were meeting some friends for lunch and had to get back.

In food news, I made my first dish from our new Rick Bayless "Mexican Kitchen" book, which turned out really well. It was a street food-style enchilada dish with crunchy condiments. Excellent and surprisingly easy to make. I've found I really enjoy Mr. Bayless's easy to follow method of instruction. It's a def. example of well thought out cookbook writing. Plus, it reminded me very much of a Luchita's dish, which ...considering they are among my top Mexican places in the area, can only bode well ;)

In music news, we headed up to Pittsburgh this past Friday to catch one of my favorite bands from my old goth days, This Ascension, perform. They were celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a mini tour and it marked the first time they were in the area since I saw them back in 1997/8 or so. Though their style on cd is very ethereal and spacey, live they turn up the energy with 2 drummers and some amazingly loud walls of guitar/keyboard/voice. When I saw them back in the 90's, I marked it as one of my top shows of the year. I am happy to say that, despite the years, they did not disappoint. Plus, they closed the show with the killer "Poor Mortal Lost", an bouncy tune from their first album and one of my favorites (next to "Swandive", which they also performed).

Opening for them was Alexx from ThouShaltNot, performing a solo acoustic set. I've been a fan of TSN for a bit now (even got to open for them last year, which was one of my highlights of the year), so I was dying to see what he'd be pulling out for this show. The set was comprised mainly of completely new, original, songs, with a TSN song put in there for everyone. My only disappointment was that the song "Chatterbox", a standout of the set, for me, was not available on the EP he had for sale. Overall, a really good performance.

I also worked a bit on my own music. I'm not going to post anything here, so there can be at least a *couple* new songs on the upcoming promo album for everyone ;)
Look for that to *finally* come out at the end of this month. We have a couple shows coming up though: Thursday, July 29th, 2004 @ Club 10-34 (located on the corner of W. 121st and Lorain Ave., next to Mi Pueblo). This is an all-ages show and, as such, will be an early one. Show starts at 7pm..ends at 11pm. Admission is $5:00. We'll also be heading up to Detroit to play a show at Paycheck's with Humachine and The Morning Star. Should be a really fun time. I have a friend who I have not seen in forever and a day who lives in Detroit. So, hopefully we will get a chance to say hello.

That's about it for now..