Friday, July 09, 2004

(in cheesy Classes-by-Mail voice) Do you like Horror and B-Movies? Sure, we all do! (end voice)

That's why it's so sad to hear that B-Ware Video, the only independent video store in Lakewood, is shutting it's doors. We received the notice yesterday. B-Ware has been completely independently owned and operated for 5+ years now (by a young married freak couple), offering *the* best selection of indie, B-movies, horror movies, and art house flicks in Cleveland. Shit you would never ever find at Blockbuster or Hollywood. I regret that, once we moved into Cleveland, we didn't get to visit as much as we'd of liked, but when we lived in Lakewood, we were regular customers.

This not only saddens me because they were such a cool place visit, but because I see it as the further smothering of locally run stores in favor of the big boxes (in this case, Hollywood Video). Think about it..if a Hollywood were to close, who cares? I mean, who is going to be out of a job? A handful of teenagers who will move onto to work at a Pizza joint or something. The people who own Hollywood don't care, they'll just build another one down the street. But, I can go into B-Ware and know that the couple behind the counter are losing a huge investment in time and money. There's no employees to fire, those people you see behind the counter every-single-time you go in. That's not hired help. Those are the owners. That's the sort of connection you'll never get at a National chain.

But, there is some somewhat-happy news. Since they are closing, they are selling their complete inventory. Starting this Saturday at 1pm, all DVD's and VHS's will be on sale for only $10.00. (I believe they are selling everything else as well: books, decorations, shelves, etc.)
I'm heading up there this weekend.

B-Ware is located at 13367 Madison Avenue in the Madison Village District.