Thursday, July 01, 2004

A minor pet peeve...

I don't believe this involves anyone who reads this list.
So, every Thursday at work, my department orders Chinese food. I started the idea and, as such, I'm the one to place the order and to pick it up for everyone. It's kind of become a ritual at this point. Anyways, so today, like some weeks before, I decided not to order Chinese (since I biked into work and all, I wasn't about to bike up to the Restaurant and then bike back with boxes of food). Now, I certainly wasn't going to stop anyone else from ordering though and I offered the variety of different menus I had to anyone who wanted to place the order and pick it up. On a normal week, I get about..10 or so people who order. But, out of those 10 people, if left to their own devices, not-a-single-one will actually do it themselves. This is not the first time I've offered to have someone else do it and every single time, if I don't order it, nobody does. Maybe it's a small thing. But when you get people who come over to find out if anyone volunteered (but then, of course, never offering to do it themselves), it's annoying. It reminds me that I have this group of people I work with who just can't drive 5 minutes down the road to pick up their food. Either that or they lack the basic compassion to do something which will benefits others than themselves. I don't know. Either way, it's damn lazy. It makes me not want to order for these people who don't want it unless it's served right up to them, a'la McDonalds.