Monday, July 19, 2004

Oh, lots of stuff for today's blog. Some of it even -gasp- FOOD RELATED! I know I've diverged off that topic for a bit now, but foodies can rest assured, I will return to it in this post.
The first up is not though. On Friday evening, while flipping through the channels, we came across an ad for that night's local news (on Fox, I believe). The catch-line:
"Should bicycles be allowed on Cleveland Streets?" - with, of course, the implication being that they should not.
I really wish I was a news reporter and could take a crack at this story. I'd give the shortest newscast in the history of television.
"The answer is 'yes'. Bicycles are allowed on Cleveland streets. 'Yes'. Back to you, Bob."
I mean, seriously. Gas is $2.00 a gallon, Cleveland is not exactly a skinny town, and we're a pretty compact little city (especially compared to somewhere like Detroit). So, I'm sorry, getting out of your SUV/Hummer and onto a bike isn't exactly going to kill you. It's like those disc jockey's awhile back who advocated running over cyclists. Here's the thing: It's not funny. Hundreds of cyclists are killed every year and thousands injured, all from collisions with automobiles. Getting people more pissed at cyclists isn't helping anyone. We need newscasts which are teaching tolerance, on all fronts, not just how the other guy is wrong.
On a lighter note, 'Taste of Tremont' was this weekend. 'Taste..' is a one day event where all of the out of towners see how many of our parking spaces they can take up. I mean, it's where all the restaurants and shops spotlight their wares during a one day street festival. It's actually really very fun. Unfortunately, we had decided to go there for dinner this year and, with a larger than average crowd around, some of our favorite restaurants had already run out of food by the time we got there. So, places like La Feliz Tortilla and Fahrenheit had already closed up shop. That didn't stop us from getting some great food though. I grabbed some southern-style BBQ pork with cornbread, perogi's (from where else but Sokolowski's University Inn ;), a salmon burger, finishing it off with a amazing chunk of strudel to round out my dinner. The only bad one of the bunch was the fish, which ended up being really dry. I guess, knowing that it'd be out all day, they overcooked it. Ah well. One thing I did notice is that, for such a spotlight event, most of the restaurants played it very safe. Places like Lola's Bistro, which normally specialize in gourmet fare, served Mac & Cheese and many other restaurants seemed to follow suite. It's too bad. I would have thought that, with such a huge audience of potential new customers out there, you'd want to wow them with something really fancy-schamncy. But, I guess, when you have to serve hundreds of different palates with one dish, all in one day, you want to get something that everyone can enjoy.
Final point.. So, last week, while we were biking, we noticed a farmer's market down in Cuyahoga Falls, selling corn. I know, not exactly revolutionary for Ohio this time of year. But, this was farm fresh stuff (i.e. you picked the corn off of the tractor bed). So, we decided that, this weekend, we'd pick some up. Now, we did expect it to be cheaper than it was. All-in-all, we spent $9.00 on 2 dozen ears of corn, which is $1.00 more than we could have gotten it from the market. But, it's just about at local and fresh as one can get, so I'm not arguing. Mixing that with the corn we'd already had at home, we now have 32 (!) ears of corn. WTF are we going to do with all that corn, you ask??
Well...corn soup, corn cakes, corn bread, corn pizza, corn risotto, cornhole...corn corn corn...:) Seriously, alot of it we're going to make into soups/stocks/etc and freeze, so we can have summer corn in the middle of winter. It's still kind of intimidating though.