Wednesday, July 14, 2004

So, last night we saw our first episodes of "We love the 90's"

For those who don't know, this is the third of a related series on VH1. It all started with "We love the 80's." Basically, all these shows consist of bite-size snippets about pop culture (one episode for each year) with commentary provided by a variety of comedians and entertainers (most notably Mo Rocca 'The Daily Show', Hal Sparks, and some guy from 'The State', whose name slips me). After the success of the 80's show, they did a 70's show, which we really didn't watch because it's not like we'd remember any of that stuff. Then..back to the 80's again. Yea, this was kinda lame that they did the whole 80's series TWICE. The only plus was that 1984 got a spotlight on the movie Gremlins, which was suprisingly overlooked in the first go through. I assume the immense feelings of shame and guilt over missing such a obvious piece of pop culture got to them. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised to learn that they did the whole series again JUST to have the chance to touch on the Gremlins legacy.

Aaaanyways, so now they've done the 90's and, honestly, these are the ones more oriented towards our age group, having been teenagers during that decade. At the same time, it did seem kind of lame, as it *wasn't that long ago*. Not near enough time has passed that any of this stuff can even seem retro. Though it was worth it for the chance to see Ross Perot again and clips of his running mate (whose name slips me) falling asleep during a debate. We only caught 1991 and 1992 last night. I can only imagine how lame it will get when they get to 1999, being only *5 years ago*.