Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I think this is a sure sign of my increasing age.

Last week I got a present from work. A $10.00 gift card for Borders. Though I am certainly appreciative of this token, as many of you know, $10.00 doesn't buy you squat at Borders. Your average magazine costs more than that. So, I decided to take it and, adding a little extra cash, pick up a cd I'd been wanting for awhile.

'The Art of Amalia Rodrigues'

Amalia Rodrigues is considered *the* classic Fado artist, producing music from the 50's on into the early 70's. For those who don't know what Fado is, think Portegues Blues. Downtempo tunes, often very sparse in their arrangements, focusing strongly on the singer. Songs whose heartbreak is stark and apparent, even if the language isn't one you understand. And despite the resurgence of the style bringing new artists like Mariza, I still find myself drawn with Amalia's music from years ago.

That said, it's in the "International" (re: World Music) section of the store. A section I wouldn't have even approached 10 years ago. Even now, overstocked with Gipsy Kings and Yanni, I generally avoid it. But I've reached a point in my life where the cries of Portugues Fado and the pick of the Spanish guitar on other albums really appeals to me.

I mean, I remember, when a few friends and I played an improv show at a local coffeehouse, I was offended to have what we played be called "World Music". Now, it's what I've been listening, almost constantly at work, for the past week.

Want to find out more about Amalia Rodrigues? Check out this site (WARNING: Ugly webpage ahead)