Monday, August 16, 2004

I'm back...

I have been instructed, under penalty of law, to blog about our recent trip to Opa!. Opa! is a new restaurant down on W. 25th, about a block from the West Side Market, in Ohio City. They opened up a few months ago with a decadent brunch and (I believe) lunch menu, but only recently started a set of dinner hours. Their menu is laced with the fusion style that has been so popular for awhile, except with more of a Greek bent. We had previously stopped by for brunch once and I found the food to be, although very good, a bit overpriced for brunch. This seems to have evened out with their dinner menu, averaging at about $15.00 for a large portion entree (mine ended up not only being dinner, but lunch for both Genevieve and I the next day, to give you an idea on size).

I ordered 'Sofia's Mac n' Cheese'. A large plate of perfectly cooked pasta, tossed with herbs and lots and lots of goat cheese and olive oil. It was actually really good, though the goat cheese they used was decidedly mild. It was also quite heavy, a definite earmark of their Greek influence. Genevieve got a baked Brie and Fruit starter (simply awesome! This was actually my favorite thing we had during this trip. Creamy Brie encased in a buttery pastry crust and then baked. Sure, it reeked of calories and fat, but it was one of those dishes that made you want to through the scale out the window) and a house salad, which was simply o-kay. But, has there ever been an impressive house salad?

The service was excellent. Of course, we were also the only ones at the restaurant. (This was at almost peak dinner hours - 7:00pm on a Saturday), so that does not bode well for them keeping their doors open too much longer, for dinner at least. But, regardless, service was prompt and attentive, without being overbearing. The atmosphere was casual with not a hint of snobbery.

One thing of note: Opa! is BYOB, so feel free to bring your own wine or beer (though they do not serve them there). There is a nominal fee for doing such, but at the cost of store bought wine + their fee, you're still paying way under regular restaurant alcohol costs.

I would definitely recommend Opa! to anyone going out to have a good dinner in Ohio City.