Monday, August 02, 2004

(X-posted from my LiveJournal. Edited for content and to fit the TV screen)

I realize I am the last one to report on this past Thursday's show. I have no excuse, I'm obviously a lazy sonofabitch.

Anyways, first up, big big thanks to all those who showed up and stayed through the stifling heat! It's most appreciated. If I did not, for some reason unknown to man or beast, get a cd in your hands, let me know and I will correct that, post-haste.

The show went, despite a few glitches, well. We had a couple strikes against us in that I was using a borrowed keyboard (my normal one was in the shop) and it was a venue we weren't familiar with. The latter was saved by bringing lots of cables and my own mixer (which ended up being used for all three sets, since the club's system did not have enough to take everyone's outputs). If there's one, of many, things I've learned from Mr. Tofu, it's "come prepared." ;) The borrowed 'board worked okay. The only bad points were that it was really really really light. I had to tape it to the keyboard stand to prevent it from sliding off and that, on "Resolution", I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I selected the replacement patch for this at home, but when I dialed it up live, out came the most dissonant nasty sound. Gross stuff. Anyways, we debuted two new songs: 'Chaos of Emotion' (with Dawn on guest vocals) and 'Empty December', both of which came off really well, esp. for being their first time performed live. Sweated like a pig in a sauna though.

Other things that night:
Tofu put on an awesome show, debuting some new material I had not heard before. Def. showed his more upbeat/electronic-rock side. Both Chris (State of Being) and myself jumped up onstage, separately, to lay some vocals down. Was very fun, though completely nerve-wracking for me. By the end of the song, I was shaking, I was so nervous.

State of Being, troopers that they are, put on their normal excellent show (spotlighting material off of their new album, 'Haywire' <- if you have not bought it, do so NOW!), despite problems with the club's system and the growing heat. If you look up 'professional, hard-working local band' in the Dictionary, I am sure there's a picture of them in there.

I am sure, if you also look up 'Sweaty hugs', there will be a picture of Chris there, as well ;)
In other news, the CD's went like hotcakes. Of course, they were free :) But, here's hoping those who got a copy enjoyed them!

Next stop, this Friday in Detroit!