Tuesday, September 28, 2004

In further celebration of the coming Halloween season, I have begun reading Dracula... again.

This, possibly, marks the fourth or fifth time I've read it. Though this time, since I have read it so much, I am finally taking out my annotated copy (gotten a while back ago from my father), chock full of background information as well as incredibly detailed illustrations.
This is to be my next book on my reading list:


Despite my love of the movies, this marks only the fourth werewolf book I would have ever read (the other three were the Howling series by Gary Brander). See, the thing is this. About 99% of the media output on my favorite of monsters..sucks. It blows. It's cheesy. Now, I can deal with wasting 2 hours of my time on American Werewolf in Paris. But I don't want to waste a week of it reading some horrible novel. But, this is fast becoming a modern horror classic (as well, of course, a movie), so I figure it's worth a shot.

So what are you reading this Halloween season?