Monday, September 13, 2004

Ithaca, NY - an adventure described via food - part 4 (final)

Last day in Ithaca. Our morning breakfast was a treat, as we finally got a chance to eat with other people! There was a couple, just a little bit older than us it seemed, from around Ann Arbor, MI, as well as another couple from New York City. The latter had just come from various protest marches (again the Republican Convention) in their home city (which they didn't want to leave, as many did, *during* the convention, but headed out for a break afterwards). So, needless to say, after the room was deemed "safe" (though, who is kidding who here, we're in upstate New York.), conversation turned mainly to politics. But, I'll stick with the food. There was the usual...granola, fruit, etc. The dish of the day was buckwheat pancakes. We'd made a mix of these as part of Christmas presents a few years back, but it had been awhile since I'd actually had any. There were really good and hardy, filling my belly which much more wholesome substance than I usually do in my normal Better Homes and Gardens pancakes I make in the mornings.

After filling up on food and saying goodbye to your breakfastmates (it's a word, look it up!), we took a last walk around the farm and headed out. Before leaving the town, we stopped back at Ithaca Bakery and picked up some preemptive lunch. (I had a mozz, tomato, olive oil and basil sandwich on rosemary foccacia, which was a bit oily -obviously- but good nonetheless).
And, with that, we ended our Ithaca adventure.

Oh, one more point...a bit of a rant.
So, to eat our lunch, we stopped at a service plaza along the way. As we sat there, I saw a sight which 'cause much ranting that afternoon. Outside of the McDonald's (in the plaza) was a young guy selling baskets of farm fresh fruit and veggies. Well, selling is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, a few people stopped. But the great masses passed him right on by and walked out with their huge bags of greasy fries and burgers. I don't get this. You can't even claim the convenience thing. You could walk out with a basket of peaches for less money and time than a Happy Meal. Each of these people was given two choices: natural, good tasting, good for you, fresh fruit...or McDonalds. Ultra-chemical, unnatural, food that offers almost NOTHING to sustain your body. Are our ties to corporate fast food that strong that people will turn away from what their body needs in exchange for the putrid grind of a McDonalds? Okay, end rant..

One more "last note":

I am sitting here, listening to computer generated "nature" sounds, looking over my barely-able-to-see-over gray cube walls out through the ONE window with open blinds around me. I'm typing away on a Windows interface to an archaic computer system that's laughable to anyone outside the company, gaining NO new skills, NO new talents. I have 5 meetings this week, only one of which effects my job in any way/shape/form. I have just guzzled down a cup of sub-Maxwell house coffee, which I hate. It has small specks of crap in it, which I don't believe are really coffee. I think this is the definition of "drab."