Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Since Genevieve has not blogged about it, we had a bit of an adventure yesterday (some of this many of you have already heard). But, here's the scoop.

First up, when we got home, we heard this yowling at the door. We assumed it was Oliver, but it was *awfully* loud, so we thought he might be in the outer hallway. But, turned out he was still in the house. As Oliver has a timbre to his voice that can burrow into your head, we didn't think anything of it until later, when we heard it again, this time it was accompanied by our neighbors' cat, Lucky, trying to get into our house like there was no tomorrow. We eventually let him into the hallway. He ran upstairs, stared at us, and howled again. This was all very odd, as usually the cat wants absolutely nothing to do with us (other than to eat Genevieve's plants). The cat then came down and proceeded to rub-rub-rub all over my legs. I petted him for a bit and hung outside with him, waiting for his owner to come home. After about 10 minutes, the cat had calmed down and was purring at my feet. I took this as my cue to book it back in the house.

After a few minutes, the cat went on it's way and I later saw it staring at me in it's usual "I'm watching you, don't come near me" look. That was not to be the end of our feline adventures though.

Next up, a vet trip for Oliver. For those of you who have met Mr. Cat, you know he's fucked up. He's a mess in the head, been so his whole life. Anyways, so recently his normal vomit activities started being supplementing with random pissing around the house. Usually he stuck around the bathroom, though he was so kind as to make an exception for my guitar case one day. We weren't sure if this was behavioral or if he had a urinary tract infection. So, we made him an appointment. The doctor told us, pretty much, what we assumed. That Oliver did not have a U.T.I., he was just a mess of a cat. So, he showed us how to give Oliver some Vaseline to help with the vomit and wrote us out a script for some pills to help with his mood, if he started the pee'ing again (by then, it had been a week since he had done it).

Our last feline adventure, one still playing out, came in the evening. We had decided to grab a $5.00 movie at the Cedar Lee and, as we were leaving, we noticed a crowd of people and a bunch of little Starbucks cups on the ground, filled with cream. In the center of all this were two very scared little gray kittens. Now, we have three cats of our own, there was no way these were becoming our cats. But, it was on a very busy intersection and no one seemed to be taking the initiative, so, with a little coaxing (surprisingly little, the first one was easy-as-pie, the second I was able to get with the first in my other hand, so it was harder, but we're not talking feral cats here), we grabbed them, to get them out of harm's way. We got home and, freaking out our cats the whole time (there was a very funny incident when one of the kittens got loose and ran through the house, sending the rest of the cats into confusion and chaos), we set them up a little space on our enclosed back porch. I was pleased to discover that they know how to use a little box and seem to be in good health, though one of them has a case of Rhino. So, we are currently on the hunt for a home for these little guys. I am such the softie. I made a tough case, but I have to admit, I would love it if we could keep them. But, logically, there is no way it can happen. We just have to find them a good home, which shouldn't be a problem. They're very tiny and sweet and would make anyone's (besides people who don't like the Princess Bride) heart melt.

And that was our feline filled day.