Monday, September 27, 2004

This weekend "officially" started my celebration of Fall and the Halloween season.

First up, horror movies!

Friday, we saw 'Session 9' on IFC (who, previously, had played 'Nightmare on Elm Street' - a good film, yes, but a Indie Film? no..). Despite containing Mr. CSI-Ham and a half, David Caruso, as well as some sub-par shots that, at times, looked to Genevieve like lo-quality DV, I ended up liking it. The story revolves around this team of people cleaning out the asbestos from an old Mental Institution. Now, Old Mental Institutions has been horror staples for quite awhile. It seems that, regardless of how they really might be, we love the image of a bunch of mental patients running around causing general chaos and evil-ness. Anyways, though it was using such an obvious setting, I thought where the film reigned was in a Shining-esque subtle creepiness. You, not once, saw anything supernatural, but at the same point, the filmmakers managed to convey that feeling, without a single empty rocking chair or ghostly footsteps. So, though it's not the best horror movie out there, it's definitely worth renting from the local video store if you're looking for a creepy film.

The, our bike ride on Sunday.

Sunday bike rides are a staple around our house. Every Sunday morning, we get up early, haul the bikes down to the Towpath Trail, and bike..usually for a few hours. This past weekend, we were getting ready for a 38 mile bike marathon in a few weeks. So, we trekked down the path for and totaled in at about 33.5 miles. Our farthest to date. Big yeahs to Genevieve, who biked on, despite some serious hurtin' going on at the 20 mile mark. In addition to our longest distance, it also marked many signs of fall for me. The trees were all starting to turn, leaves on the ground, and cider and chestnuts at the Farmer's Market, replacing the sweet corn of weeks before. It might be silly, but this addition is a serious plus to our weekly rides for me. A nice stop to sip on some cider and gnaw on some chestnuts (which I used to love as kid. It's nostalgia only tainted by the memory that they used to give my friend David the *worst* freggin gas..ever) and ride on through the fall afternoon. The only sad part is that is also reminds me that winter is just around the corner and I'm going to have to put the bike away for awhile.