Monday, October 11, 2004

A weekend described in Food.

So, this past Friday, coupon in hand, I decided to check out a restaurant I'd been wanting to try for awhile:
Lozada's ("Try the Latin touch!")

I'd previously avoided it as their menu, rife with meat dishes, is most UN-veggie friendly. But, since Genevieve was heading out to dinner separately, I thought I'd give it a shot. So, I grabbed Mr. Adam Harvey and headed out.

We were promptly seated and our orders were taken in a reasonable fashion. And then, the waiting began.

We waited..
and waited...

and waited...

Despite the occasional encouragement from our waitress that our "food would be out in a minute". It was over an HOUR before we r/c'ed our first dish. a bowl of iceberg lettuce, topped with 2 lonely slices of tomato. Disappointing, to say the least. But, by this time, we were so hungry, we chowed down on it. Shortly after that (and a full hour and 15 min after we originally ordered) we got our entrees and appetizers all at once.

My appetizer (sweet plantations) was very good and I was starting to feel some promise to this place.
Then, I tried my other dishes. The fried plantains (kind of like fries) were horrible. They tasted like.."fried" if that makes any sense. Even with the pungent garlic oil we got for them, it was pretty nasty and heavy stuff. Then, onto the entree. OKay, that wasn't *too* bad. A chicken breast stuffed with olives, marinated peppers and onions and other sundry things. It was certainly edible. But, by now (being 8:00pm), my arm seemed pretty edible.
Unfortunately, Adam did not fare any better than I.
Total time for one simple meal: 1 hour 45min
Verdict: Avoid at all costs!

More to come..