Monday, October 25, 2004


First up, I wanted to thank everyone who came out to the show this past Friday and stuck around for our set. It was most appreciated!
Also, big big thanks to: Lushwell, 20goto10, Dj Leandro & Ethereal Transmissions. Everyone put on an awesome show. Part of me didn't even want to play, I was having too much fun enjoying the other acts.

That said, a quick show recap.
The night started off with Ethereal Transmissions, who I hadn't heard before. Their music was a touch proggy with a hearty helping of "jam band". Most of the set was pretty mellow, though some furious beats reared their head now and then. My only complaint would be that the vocals sounded a bit muddled under the music. Other than that, good set.

20goto10 took the stage next with their upbeat take on 80's new wave. Always energetic, always fun, and always full of offbeat covers (I'd seen them do a Dio cover previously, this time around it was the Misfits turn). Very fun.

Following that, Dj Leandro spun a set as eclectic as the bands. Ranging from 80's pop jazz to Nine Inch Nails, he seamlessly flowed the music from style to style.

As Dj Leandro closed down, Lushwell started up. I cannot say enough good things about them. They're that sort of band that, regardless if you're a goth kid, an indie rocker or listen to Tiny Tim in your basement, you can't help but like them. Their blend of downtempo beats, sweet pop melodies, and occasional wisps of jazzy keyboards all form into one of the most endearing bands I've heard in awhile. As Greyson said later on: "They make me want to go home, wrap up, and have sweet sweet dreams." They were also just very nice people an we look forward to, hopefully, doing more shows with them in the future.

The only problem was *following* a band like that. By the time we got onstage, it was 1am and we were all ready for those "sweet dreams". But, much thanks to the dancey interlude provided by Dj Leandro between bands, we got ourselves together ready to go. We started the set off with the small chunk of our songs which do not yet include our new member, Adam: "Nostalgia", "Resolution" & "Gravel Roads", all which went off really well, in particular, 'Resolution', which is a big favorite of ours. Adam then hopped onstage and grabbed some keys to help finish the set with: "Empty December", "Forged from Steel", "Able Bodied" and "Song for Tomorrow", which all went smoothly despite some initial technical difficulties with the guitar setup. (Must remember, amp only works when *plugged in*!)

Overall, this was the most fun I've had at a show in awhile. We had a great time performing, the other bands were awesome, the crowd was great. Everything just clicked. Thanks again to all the bands and audience members who made this happen!