Tuesday, November 30, 2004

First Listen: Jamie Barnes 'The Fallen Acrobat'

Let me start off by tell you what this cd is not: this is not goth or darkwave or ethereal or any of those other genres that kids who read too much Anne Rice and dress up like vampires generally listen to. It's coffeehouse fare. It's folk pop. It's that sensitive guy who won't ever look you in the eye and plays his guitar, sitting up on a stool during open mic night and then leaves before you can say "hello."

I won't lie, this also isn't anything new. "Unhappy" could easily play over the sentimental closing scenes of any number of prime-time dramas. The song "Anyway..." is every song you ever heard at every coffeehouse across America. These are not new songs or new concepts. What it is.. is comforting. The singing is that just-right level of off-key. The production is simple the point of disappearing. The end results are songs that are so personal and intimate feeling that you'll feel like you're sitting in your best friend's bedroom (where the album was actually recorded, though probably not that of your best friend, I think), listening to him play just for you.

I'd post mp3's for everyone to try out, but honestly...Silber Records, who put out this cd (a great label, btw) has this cd on sale for $8.00 *shipped*. So, go to the site, listen to the music online, and, if you like it, don't be cheap and just buy the durn thing.

For more information and to check out the song "Matthew", from the album, check out: