Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am sooo sick of this job.

I am tired of looking at four gray walls everyday.

I am tired of my anti-ergonomic chair.

I am tired of knowing shit that no human really needs to know. "Did ELVIS run correctly over the EVM/EVH AMPEX dataset you loaded to BALDPUBK?" I shouldn't know what the hell that means. But, I do. It's made worse by the fact that this knowledge has also shoved out other information, potentially useful information. I have lost all but the most basic knowledge of html, JavaScript, asp and most of the web design/development programs that go with it. I feel like my brain is atrophied.

I did a little math. I started here in July of 2001. That's approx 3.5 years of service to Xest. During that time I have spent approx. 588 *hours* in meetings. That's 24.5 FULL DAYS of my life sucked into the most meaningless banality imaginable. Even if I were to quit today, I would never get that back.

Thus ends the song of the disaffected office worker.