Monday, November 29, 2004

Long weekends usually mean one thing in our household. Lots of food. While some people eat when they are bored, I bake.
Here's a roundup of what went down, food wise:

Thankgiving - Bruleed sweet potatoes (recipe to follow shortly) and roasted garlic rolls. Genevieve made a fruit salad and a tofurkey with carmelized onions and dried cherries.
Of course, this was in addition to the tons of food available at my family's.

To read the tofurkey story, in full, check out Genevieve's blog.

Breakfasts - more Dutch spice cake, pancakes with pan-fried pineapple, coffee cake and, this morning, good olde french toast. I am destined to be a very fat man.

Others - Pumpkin ravioli (assembled with precision by Genevieve) and Spicy Carrot & Peanut soup

More Others - garlic broth (a much loved staple around our house), pumpkin broth, roasted pumpkin seeds (with salt, pepper and chipotle powder), and ..secrets ;)